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24, 7, 365 Inner Circle  

How You Can Own A Piece Of Every Business You Work With...And Have Multiple Sources Of Passive Income For Years To Come

You Can Own A Piece Of Every Business You Work With...And Have Multiple Sources Of Passive Income For Years To Come

  • Get Paid 24, 7 and 365 Days A Year!!!
  • ​Use Payment Processing, Don't Let It Use You
  • Make Money Knowing People, Become A Referral Partner
  • Leverage Your Network, Make Recurring Income
  • Be A Business...Grow, Scale and Sell​

Make LIFETIME Passive Income 

 Make Money While You Sleep

Scale To 7 And 8 Figures Steadily

Everyone's Talking About Recurring Income, But Who's Really Teaching It?

Recurring income isn't just about getting your customers to sign up for a subscription program you have and then hope they never cancel it.

It's about informing entities and entrepreneurs of what they already use and need, that you offer, - and then getting a cut EVERY SINGLE TIME a transaction goes through.

Imagine offering this system to ONE client, and she gets 5 transactions a day, even a small amount of $10.

Imagine offering this payment system to 10 different people who have 5 transactions a day each.

That'll be 50 transactions a day at $500. You earn a percentage of the total amount that's being charged, daily.

Imagine what you'd make daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

And because we've done billions in sales annually from this method and have had multiple people ask us what our secret is, I've decided to create a membership that shows you how you can do it too, starting from ground zero. 

The Payments industry is extremely lucrative, yet saturated with the good ole boys and gals that put money over people, which is not our goal.

We will "only" work with ethical people that put people first and have designed a program to teach you how to be wildly successful while doing the right thing.

I'm also going to offer it at a ridiculously low price - but only for those who jump on the waitlist fast, before it closes.

Every Business Needs A Payment Processor

Check Out All The Opportunities You'll Get As A Referral Partner

eCommerce Platforms

Course Creators

SaaS Subscriptions

Monthly Memberships

 Multi-Level Marketing




Medical Stores

Brick And Mortar

Grocery Stores

And Lots More!

24, 7, 365 Silver Membership

A Blueprint To Leveraging Your Network...And Building A Multi-Million Dollar Passive Income

  • A step by step blueprint delivered in bite-sized video lessons on how we scaled the business to billions in sales revenue every year
  • What payment processors are and why it's getting more and more popular in the world of digital marketing and offline businesses
  • Personalized coaching 
  • ​Community support and live Q&A sessions

Start Making Recurring Income In 
3 Simple Steps:

1. Join The Membership Waitlist

Hop on the waitlist so you'll be first in line to know when this membership is released, and get first dibs at a great membership price!

2. Become A Trusted Referral Partner

Learn all the things you'll need to become a trusted referral partner and watch as entrepreneurs, ceo's and companies use your services!

3. Make Recurring Income

Watch your savings grow with every transaction that is performed using your referral. Continue to grow and become a Certified Partner!

Hey, I am KhaazRa MaaRanu

...Founder of Ecom Payments.
First, we built a payment processing entity that is direct with the card brands, no middle man.

The Payments industry is paved with gold, yet also tons of traps, snares, charlatans, shady characters and people that will take advantage of what you don't know.

To navigate in this industry, you will need a leader that is ethical, willing to fight for you, your clients, doesn't see you as a stepping stone and will help grow your Recurring Passive Income Business. 

This Membership Teaches You To Start Through The Power Of Referral Marketing

Most people spend their time and money in places don't create recurring monthly benefits. We've scaled to doing over a whopping $1 billion in yearly sales revenue for many years, and we have the blueprint to walk you through the very same process. Minus the challenges, headaches, and dishonest people in the industry that will take advantage of what you don't know.
Our clients and vendors include some of the largest names in the industry, such as .... 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • ​Discover
  • ​CBCAL Bank
  • ​PB&T Bank

We Have An Amazing Opportunity Coming Up For Founding Silver Members!

Yep! A No-Brainer Offer That'll Help You Scale And Make REAL Passive Income - Fast.

  • Own A Piece Of Every Business You Work With
  • Get Paid Every Time Someone Swipes A Credit Card
  • ​Make Income 24, 7, 365 Days A Year Regardless Of Whether You Work Or Not
  • ​Create A Business That You Can Grow, Scale And Sell
  • ​​Build A Business That Gives You Time Freedom
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