Your Business GROWTH at a standstill?

Your Business GROWTH at a standstill?

Scale Your Business And Payments To New Heights Right Now.

Scale Your Business And Payments To New Heights Right Now.

A membership aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs who are wondering why their bottom line figures aren't what they're supposed to be...and why they're losing money without realizing it.

A membership aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs who are wondering why their bottom line figures aren't what they're supposed to be...and why they're losing money without realizing it.

Know Your Numbers

 Grow Your Cash Flow

Scale To New Heights

Know Your Numbers

 Grow Your Cash Flow

Scale To New Heights

When You Join Us TODAY, You Will Not Only Be Part Of An Amazing Membership That Helps Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses, But Be Grandfathered Into The Founding Member's Price For Life!

A Heartfelt Note From KhaazRa: Watch This First!

Are You Ready To Scale Your Business  To New Heights?

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What This Membership Is About...
And What It Can Do For You.

Before We Move On, Let's See If You Tick These Boxes.

You're Facing Lots of Chargebacks

You have a business and you're making money...but at the same time, you're facing multiple chargebacks and disputes from your customers. The chargeback rates are costing you a lot.

Your Funds Are Getting Held

You don't think you've done anything wrong, yet your funds are being held left, right and center. You're unable to roll your cash and make the necessary payments, having to be kept waiting for weeks on end for no reason.

You've Lost Count Of Your Accounts

You've opened up multiple merchant accounts over time. All have differing interest rates. You've lost track of how many accounts you really have and which ones are making you money (or causing you to lose money).

You Want To Scale Fast

Payment processors are so important but at the same time, extremely taken for granted. The amount of money you've lost from fees and interest rates have amounted to hundreds of thousands over the years, preventing you from scaling.

 newsflash: 99% of people do not know how much they're losing to payment processors on a daily basis.

It's so incredibly easy to sign up with a payment processor. 
It only takes 10 minutes tops.

But...just because it's easy to do, does NOT mean it's the right thing to do. Moving too fast today can actually hurt you tomorrow.

 newsflash: 99% of people do not know how much they're losing to payment processors on a daily basis.

It's so incredibly easy to sign up with a payment processor. 
It only takes 10 minutes tops.

But...just because it's easy to do, does NOT mean it's the right thing to do. Moving too fast today can actually hurt you tomorrow.

the fastest way to scale your to

Know Every Cent That Goes In And Out Of Your Business From Now On.

KhaazRa's Story Of How He Built A Business From Ground Up, Was Blindsided By His Partner, And Fought To Reclaim It.

KhaazRa has been exactly where you are, starting from ground zero needing a merchant account. With no previous sales experience, he started a sales rep in the merchant services industry to an owner of a Retail ISO, referred to as an independent sales organization, to an FSP, a full service provider taking full liability on every merchant, handling everything in-house from risk, underwriting, tech support, customer service and sales.

HIs former business partner and him built up a company they owned together called Electronic Commerce, to doing billions in sales every single year. The company was thriving and heading in a really great direction. Greed and ego kicked in and that’s when the story changed.

Before branching out on his own, he was a consultant at two payment entities prior and was the top sales person, yet hit a brick wall due to the ethics that he stood for. The payments space is considered the “good ole boys club”, yet it’s expanded to the “good ole gals club”. We guess that keeps it in the family. Unfortunately, the industry is flat out corrupt, no matter the gender or ethnicity. When you think of the word slimy, the payments space is overwhelmed with it and it’s just business as usual. Being that the industry is full of belly crawlers, KhaazRa ignored making a profit and instead of doing nothing, which every person and entity around was doing, he fought for clients that wouldn’t or couldn’t fight for themselves. He took a stand against his former business partner and crew, suing most of them, that were hitting clients over the head with clauses in contracts they didn’t understand. 

 The sponsor bank also joined KhaazRa, suing them as well. 

KhaazRa didn’t stand for clients being taken advantage of. His former business partner and crew then tried to take his company by force.

He took a stand against them as many would consider what they were doing as immoral, unethical, corrupt, greedy, short-sighted and flat out shady. This was a 2 year battle, with some residual effects as he has financially fought this battle alone, without any assistance from any entities or people.

Unfortunately, his former business partner and crew aren’t unique in the payments industry as most people in it are strictly led by how much money they can make in salary or commission and as long as they are making money, they ignore everything else. 

KhaazRa took some lumps fighting his former business partner and their crew. He also took a stand to protect their sponsor bank that would have been hit with regulators if someone had not of taken a stand to help them.

Of course this was not without a fight from his former business partner. KhaazRa sacrificed personal finances and paid legal fees to protect clients, sales reps and the sponsor bank.  

This is a road only, a very rare breed would travel on. Very few people people have the ethics or heart to sacrifice time or money to help others, even if it doesn’t benefit them financially. In the payments space, if you don’t have someone fighting in your corner and looking out to protect your interest, you are doomed! The majority of people watching it unfold will put their head between their legs and pretend they don’t see it, yet this is not KhaazRa.

Before these legal battles and up to this day, KhaazRa is continuing to help thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business, many whom didn’t earn it, yet still reap the rewards. He’s on a mission to change the payments industry, which is over populated with unethical, greedy people at every level from banking to processors, sales reps, white label entities and operations professionals.

If you want someone that will help you grow your business using payments, help you create more income, freedom and time with your family, KhaazRa is your guy.  

Join us as we continue making a positive impact in the entrepreneur community!"


The Know Your Numbers Membership

The Fastest Way To Making More Money In Your Business Is To Know Where It's Going To.

  • If numbers are confusing, this membership has got your back. Don't get robbed by so-called financial gurus and end up spending more instead of saving
  • Make sense of your daily transactions
  • Learn how to stop tire kickers from bringing your business down
  • ​How fraud can put you out of business...and why you won't see it coming until it's too late
  • ​Ensure you're not doing anything to make the FTC come after you
  • ​Why operations matter and that not having a system in place can cost you millions of dollars in losses
  • ​Why simply trusting people can land you in the courthouse
  • Banks are not your friends, you're a meal ticket
  • ​Even banks make mistakes, innumerable times and how to detect these mistakes
  • ​Know why most payment processing sales reps lie to you
  • ​Why your business model is making you pay higher rates
  • ​Why blind faith leads to loss of income
  • Most people have no clue how much they pay (or lose)...which is why they pay too much
  • ​And much, much more.

Knowing All These Have Enabled Me To Make Over $1 Billion In Sales Revenue, Every Year.

And I Figured That More People Need To Know This. Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Get Fleeced Every Day, And Don't Realize It.

A Membership That Grows Alongside Your Business

This Is The Exciting Part...What You're Going To Get As A Founding Member!

This is a brand new membership, and it's not just a place where I dump a course on you and then you're on your own.

As a founding member, you get more access to me and my team. We grow alongside your business and will be there to answer your questions and help you make decisions when your business gets stuck in a rut or when you start scaling so fast you begin to feel as if you're losing control.

This membership offers highly actionable business templates, that are highly relevant to your business and cash flow.  You'll be able to keep track of your company's performances, cash flow, ROI, debts (we even have a debt snowballing template!) and helps you keep track of your own personal finances as well. 

Our weekly power-packed newsletters will teach you to know EXACTLY where your money is going, if you're paying fair rates, if you're making decent profit at the end of the day, and if you're facing unnecessary loss of income via interest rates, fees and mistakes from banks and payment gateways (yes, they make a LOT of mistakes).

With that being said, there's another special aspect to this membership. As a founding member, you'll be required to give feedback on the go so we can improve on this membership and make it awesome sauce for future members.

In return, you'll be grandfathered into this founding monthly subscription price FOR LIFE. No matter how high the prices go in the future, you'll always pay the same price. How's that sound? So as your business grows, your monthly subscription stays the same.

No One Has Time For Numerous Video Courses.
We've Got A Business To Run, And Money To Make.

That's Why We're Keeping It Simple And Efficient. For A Nominal Fee.

Business Templates Galore

We'll be providing you highly relevant templates such as profit calculators, payment processor calculators, employee leave tracking templates, email templates, landing page design templates, ROI calculation templates, and LOTS MORE. Get ready to increase your efficiency and work smarter with these marketing tools in place! These templates work for your own personal finances as well!

Power Packed Weekly Newsletter

In the world of payment processing, business owners and entrepreneurs frequently get charged for things they don't even realize exist. Learn to be payment processing savvy and be a responsible business owner - make sure you keep what you make!

Bonus: Video Lessons

Get over 30 bonus video lessons showing you to how build, grow and scale your business. These videos are kept short and easily digestible, yet highly actionable. What's more, new videos will keep coming in as time goes on!


Hop In Now And Be A Founding Member!

Know Your Numbers

Founding Members Get Grandfathered In This Price For Life!

  • Highly relevant templates to keep track of both your business and your personal finances >> think calculators, Facebook ad templates, email templates, business contracts, statement of work templates, landing page design templates, and more!
  • Power-packed weekly newsletters keeping you on your toes and making sure you keep what you make
  • Over 30 highly actionable bonus lessons (that we'll keep adding to) to help you scale your business to 6 figures and more!

Total Value: $997 per month

Join Now For Only $27/month!

that's not all.

Join Now And Claim Your Most Incredible Free Gifts Ever!

Be Part Of The Know Your Numbers Membership Today.

Trust Me, Your Business Will Thank You For It.

  • Monthly Masterclass updates on everything you should be watching out for in your business as it evolves and grows
  • Monthly Coaching calls with KhaazRa or his highly experienced team on everything payment processing
  • Monthly opportunity to get your site audited by KhaazRa or his team in order to make sure you get every cent you're supposed to
  • ​When selected - a strong support team that answers your questions during office hours!
  • FREE: 5 Secrets Cash Flow eBook and Video combo
  • ​FREE: 5 Secrets Cash Flow physical book 
  • ​FREE: 31 days of short, compact and powerful videos to help you build, grow and scale your business
  • FREE: Free membership t-shirt as part of the swag box that'll be mailed to your home!
  • BONUS: When you sign up as a member, you'll be able to schedule personal one hour consultation calls with KhaazRa at 50% off the normal rates!

Total Value: $15,000

Join Today For Only $147* Per Month!

And Be Grandfathered Into This Founding Member Price FOR LIFE!

Questions? We've Got Answers!

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