Want An "Ethical" Payment Processor For Your Business?

Want An "Ethical" Payment Processor For Your Business?

Ecom Payments Is Built From The Ground Up To Help Your Businesses Grow! Fill Out Your Details And We'll Be In Touch!

Ecom Payments Is Built From The Ground Up To Help Your Businesses Grow! Fill Out Your Details And We'll Be In Touch!

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No funds held unnecessarily

No Crazy Fees Charged

 Strong Customer Support

Chances Are...You've Had Your Funds Held Or Suffered Multiple Chargebacks Before.

And You Didn't Know What To Do... And Still Don't.

Time To Cut Out The Middleman 

  • Keep more money in your pocket
  • Get your rates from the source

Hidden Fees And Charges

  • You wonder why you're not getting the amount of money you think you should
  • Fees are significant and can go up to tens of thousands before you realize it

A Payments Partner That Will Fight For You

  •  You can't control chargebacks
  • ​You're charged additional fees for every chargeback
  • You lose the sale, the product or service and pay a penalty

Get Peace Of Mind With Ecom Payments.

Focus On Making Money, And We'll Focus On Making Sure You Get That Money Into Your Account.

What You'll Get With 
Ecom Payments

  • With Ecom Payments, no funds are held
  • We mitigate all disputes and chargebacks for you - we have your back
  • We work WITH you, not against you.
  • ​Ecom Payments integrates well with platforms such as Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, Shopify, and more.
  • ​We understand Internet-based businesses
  • ​Your money is in your account quickly

What You Won't Get With 
Ecom Payments

  • Turning our back on good business.
  • We help you manage your disputes and chargebacks.
  • We don't have hidden charges that take hundreds of thousands off of your annual profit.
  • ​We are not the middlemen - get your pricing direct
  • ​You won't get stress, confusion and unnecessary worries from us!

Why Ecom Payments Is The Market's Go-To Payment Processor

1. We Cater To All Niches

1. We Cater To All Niches

Ecom Payments is a rare breed, because we operate on "ethics", a unique talent in the industry.

No matter what industry your business is in (brick and mortar, e-commerce, or online)… whether you know it or not, we will fight for you.

Ecom Payments founder, KhaazRa MaaRanu, has gone to battle for clients, even at his own expense and will ensure that your business and you are put first.

Follow the blueprint created for you, remove the blind spots, operate your business efficiently and you won't have to worry about the headaches from holds, hidden fees, and problems that too many companies ignore.

If you are just starting out and need a merchant account with a credit card reader... we are here for you.

Maybe you are an expanding Online business expanding so fast that you need tools to manage your operations... we are here for you.

Our #1 Priority is making payment processing easy for your clients to pay you, so that you can grow and scale your business. 

We offer a variety of Point of Sale Systems, Mobile Products, and Gateway products for you when you need it most.

Designed specifically for your business... we make sure you can increase your efficiency and maximize your profits by letting you process all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, gift and loyalty cards, face to face, and online.

2. We Fight For You

2. We Provide In-House Funding To Your Account

There are hidden fees and sketchy business practices from other middle men payment and sales reps that benefit from your lack of information.

Yeah... they use undisclosed third-parties to perform different parts of the transaction cycle... which means that at every level, each entity has to make a profit and is more costly to you.

This is just one thing that sets Ecom Payments apart. We are not middle men. We do everything in-house. This means we are moving your money throughout the entire process so you can have the peace-of-mind that your money is in trusted hands every step of the way.

3. We Provide Great Support

3. We Provide Great Support

Nothing seems worse than banging your head against your computer out of frustration from challenged customer service… yet what's worse is when the company is unethical, from the top down.

Every business is unique and has different needs...

We understand that you don't have time to be in the details of every part in your business and payment processing, so you need someone that will give you honest feedback, not take advantage of you just because they can.

you must be wondering who we are.

Who Is Behind Ecom Payments?

Meet KhaazRa MaaRanu

Meet KhaazRa MaaRanu

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Meet KhaazRa MaaRanu

First, we built a payment processing entity that is direct with the card brands, no middle man.

The Payments industry is paved with gold, yet also tons of traps, snares, charlatans, shady characters and people that will take advantage of what you don't know.

To navigate in this industry, you will need a leader that is ethical, willing to fight for you, your clients, doesn't see you as a stepping stone and will help grow your Recurring Passive Income Business. 

we've served and are serving thousands of businesses from small companies to 9 figure giants.

Why We're Different...And Why You Should Totally Use Our Services

This is dramatically different from any payment processor you have ever used because the founder has experience as a sales rep, a merchant, an owner and understands the frustrations at each level and what to do to resolve it.

We've fought all the battles needed for our clients and will continue to do so.

Being transparent today seems too easy, yet that is exactly what we do.  There is no fluff or hidden tricks. You know EXACTLY what you're getting so you can scale your business to its highest potential.

It's Time To Scale Your Business And Make Sure You Get Every Single Cent You Earn!

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps!

Don't Just Take It From Us. Hear What Our Clients Have To Say!

"I've had $77k held with Stripe before and I know they use a middleman, and once I found you guys do it directly it was a no-brainer to switch."
- Nehemiah Davis

"I've worked with KhaazRa for 3 years now and no other payment processors come close to his in terms of getting the money out and back to me."
- Jullien Gordon

"Great payment processor - quick, efficient, predictable, with next day deposits, and a customer support team that actually answers the phone."
- John Whiting

"I have $500,000 locked up with other payment processors. Work with KhaazRa to avoid this nightmare. Tap in."
- Keenan Williams

"KhaazRa came to talk to my clients...and he totally blew them away as he told them EVERYTHING about payment processors."
- Lamar Tyler

"We've been able to run millions of dollars through the processor with KhaazRa because if you can't process the money, you can't make transactions."
- Josh

"You want to be able to have a close relationship with the person helping you when it comes to merchant processing so you're not just a number to them."
- Chris Chico
"We've gotten such good service from your company that we've actually been able to pass that along to our patients."
- Sarah

a good payment processor makes all the difference.

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Don't Wait. Get Peace Of Mind With A Trusted Payment Processor Today.

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