Journey of Birth to Survival

KhaazRa MaaRanu came from very humble beginnings. Taken out of a drug building as a baby, adopted by his grandparents and grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a very violent and oppressed environment.

With the care, love and guidance of his grandparents, family and friends like family. He was able to survive those streets as many others unfortunately did not, going to jail or the grave.

Journey of Startup Business to Billionaire

All that has helped him become who he is today. He started a business from the ground up. No loans, no investors, no mentors, no mastermind groups and now produces over $55 million per month in sales revenue, almost $1 Billion per year and climbing.

With all that he has learned along this journey, working with thousands of businesses and helping tons of people become wealthy via sales.

He is ready to share not just the tactics, yet the principles and strategies of conducting business successfully and ethically, while still living life to the fullest in body, mind and spirit.

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Journey of Startup Business to Billionaire

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